Implant Maintenance

Implant Maintenance

Proper implant maintenance is of utmost importance.

To ensure long-term satisfaction, implants must be firmly anchored into the jawbone and no inflammation is to occur. Professional implant maintenance and proper oral hygiene are essential for good results in the long run.

Implants necessitate intensive care that goes far beyond mere brushing of teeth. Natural teeth are anchored in the dental root and jaw bone. This periodontal attachment is by nature better protected against outside attacks than the implant.

Prevention is the key for long-term satisfaction with implants, since severe disease conditions are not reversible and will, in the end, lead to the loss of the implant.

Upon the removal of hard deposits, regular recall with AIR-FLOW PERIO will eliminate biofilm and help to prevent mucositis and peri-implantitis. The unique PERIO-FLOW nozzle delivers a gentle spray of glycine-based PERIO Powder subgingivally, The implant surface and soft tissues are preserved. In only 5 seconds per site AIR-FLOW PERIO grants efficient & safe biofilm removal with unequalled patient comfort.

Implant Maintenance


- Effective removal of biofilm down to the deepest periodontal pockets, sustained reduction in bacteria
- Prevents tooth loss (i.e. periodontitis) or loss of implants (i.e. periimplantitis)
- Uniform turbulence of air-powder mixture and of rinse water due to patented
- Prevents soft-tissue emphysema and preserves implant surfaces


For use with AIR-FLOW Master®, AIR-FLOW Master Piezon® and AIR-FLOW® handy PERIO. Thanks to its 3 horizontal outlets for air-powder mixture and one vertical outlet for water, the nozzle delivers optimum gentle turbulence in the subgingival area.

Efficient and gentle biofilm removal in periodontal pockets 

Cleaning of deep periodontal pockets in only 5 sec per site 

Piezon AE scaling and AIR-FLOW AE polishing maintain valuable crowns and implants 

AIR-FLOW Master®

The world\'s first subgingival air-polishing unit: two applications in one!