AIR-FLOW® Products


The Original AIR-FLOW® Method developed by EMS utilizes an air-powder mixture and water for a variety of preventive and restorative dental treatments. Not only does it make air-polishing reliable and efficient for the dental practice, it also delivers patient comfort since it utilizes no curettes and makes no noise.

With the gentle application of kinetic energy, it causes no damage and will not scratch the tooth surface. In short, the Original AIR-FLOW® Method is the key to success for practitioner and patient alike.

The advantages of AIR-FLOW® in a nutshell:

• Removes dental plaque and hence helps preventing periodontal diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis
• Removes teeth stains
• Helps maintain implants sound
• Cleans and opens fissures for sealing
• Cleans prior to bonding orthodontic brackets

AIR-FLOW® Products

The Original AIR-FLOW® Method


AIR-FLOW® Powder SOFT - AIR-FLOW® HandpieceThe AIR-FLOW® Method from EMS involves projecting a jet of compressed air, water and fine powder particles onto the surface of the tooth to polish the surface and remove debris. Plaque, soft deposits and colorations disappear quickly and painlessly – even from interproximal areas.

It is estimated that 1 mm of dental plaque, weighing about 1 mg, contains more than 200 million bacteria. When left untreated these microorganisms colonize the area and develop biofilm, a breeding ground resistant to drug therapy and the body’s immune defenses. In turn, biofilm causes periodontitis or peri-implantitis to spread unchecked.

To combat biofilm, the AIR-FLOW® System from EMS reaches down to 5 mm pocket depth. For deeper pockets, subgingival air-polishing is granted by EMS's Original PERIO-FLOW® Method.

Biofilm, a dirty word...

The picture to the left shows biofilm in symbiosis with a variety of bacteria - protected from the outside, proliferating on the inside.

  • •    Microorganisms colonize the area and grow – their breeding ground develops its own protective layer. Bacteria then separate and colonize other areas
  • •    Bacteria under cover of biofilm are resistant to drug therapy
  • •    Immune defenses of the body are powerless – to subsequently prevent a bacterial invasion, the body triggers a process which breaks down bone tissue
  • •    Implant sites are equally affected by biofilm – peri-implantitis results in implant loss

LEFT:  Photos by Prof. Dr. A. Mombelli, University of Geneva, Switzerland
The pictured biofilm is thickly layered on the root surface. Following treatment with the Original AIR-FLOW® Method, the biofilm is removed, the root surface is clean and smooth down to the base of the periodontal pocket.

The AIR-FLOW® System is a method of professional mechanical tooth cleaning for selective removal of plaque and stains from all tooth surfaces using EMS devices. It delivers a controlled stream of fine powder particles to the tooth surface through water spray and compressed air. While being more efficient and cost-effective than traditional methods, this procedure also delivers higher patient comfort. 

Periodontal disease management was considered off limits for air polishing but is now a reality, even in deep areas, thanks to the latest developments brought by EMS. With the new PERIO-FLOW® nozzle and the new AIR-FLOW® Powder PERIO, the Original AIR-FLOW® Method now reaches the deepest periodontal pockets and delivers greater efficacy and more patient comfort than conventional curettes or other instruments.

Original AIR-FLOW® Method

     Before PERIO-FLOW®                      AFTER PERIO-FLOW®

AIR-FLOW Systems

Standalone Air-Polishing Devices

AIR-FLOW Master Piezon®

The original AIR-FLOW® and Piezon® methods make up a unique team, one plus one equals three!

AIR-FLOW Master®

The world's first subgingival air-polishing unit: two applications in one!


A complete workstation for a dental hygienist, designed for professional removal of stains and calculus.


Ideal for dental hygienists, its simple and compact design offers great return on investment.

AIR-FLOW Handies

Cost-efficient AIR-FLOW technology for your chair

AIR-FLOW® handy 2+

Effective, practical and most comfortable for practitioner and patient alike.

AIR-FLOW® handy 3.0 PERIO

Subgingival air-polishing and more

AIR-FLOW® handy 3.0 PERIO is the first portable air-polishing unit enabling the dental practitioner to efficiently, safely and comfortably perform sub- and supragingival treatments.

AIR-FLOW® handy 3.0

State of the art design and ergonomics

AIR-FLOW® handy 3.0 is EMS's latest portable air-polishing unit. It has been developed to offer dental professionals unequalled working comfort.