Implant Cleaning

Bacterial plaque and calculus accumulate on implants, just as they do on natural teeth. If implants are left without regular cleaning and maintenance, such bacterial deposits may lead to inflammation, peri-implantitis and, in the end, to implant loss. Implants are an expensive investment for the patient. Their maintenance requires special attention from the dentist.

With professional maintenance and proper home care, implants can last for a lifetime.

Piezon implant cleaning with the Instrument PI from EMS easily debrides implant surfaces. Smooth surface coating and gentle tip motion combine to deliver greater patient comfort and operator efficiency. With its coating made of high-tech plastic material (peek), the instrument is fully autoclavable and safely cleans the surfaces of implants and restorations.

PI instrument on dental model

Implant Maintenance

Professional Care to Make it Last a Lifetime

Implant Maintenance

Expensive implants need advanced care